Lot # 35 - Rainy Day Art Fun

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions:
Start Date/Time: 18-Mar-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 24-Mar-2021 7:34:00 PM
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Auction has ended

Description :

Plenty to do for many days of fun in the rain OR the sun.  From stickers to crayons to paint to random bits of arts and crafts materials, this is a tons of fun LOT.  Plenty of things (includes two boxes of goodies) to divide between several kids or even a couple of houses.  Maybe half to grandparents and half for at home?

Auction History

Highest bidder is GrammaAmy

Date Bid User
24-Mar-2021 1:16:54 PM $21.00 GrammaAmy
24-Mar-2021 11:31:50 AM $13.00 Blessed Mom
24-Mar-2021 11:31:50 AM $12.00 LB
24-Mar-2021 11:31:39 AM $11.00 Blessed Mom
24-Mar-2021 11:31:39 AM $10.00 LB
21-Mar-2021 5:06:37 PM $9.00 Blessed Mom
21-Mar-2021 5:06:37 PM $8.00 chnome
18-Mar-2021 4:39:27 PM $7.00 Blessed Mom
18-Mar-2021 4:39:26 PM $6.00 JustBeachy
18-Mar-2021 12:10:56 PM $5.00 Blessed Mom

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