Lot # 149 - Boehm Porcelain Raccoon

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Tacoma, June 26th from 10-3
Start Date/Time: 09-Jun-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 23-Jun-2021 9:28:00 PM
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Boehm Cybis Raccoon- 9 x 7 

"Boehm is the collector's name for the porcelains of Edward Marshall Boehm. In 1949, Boehm had developed a hard-paste porcelain that he used to make sculptures. He started the Osso China Company and in 1953 it was reorganized as Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc. The company is still working in New Jersey. In the early days of the factory, dishes were made, but the elaborate and lifelike bird figurines are the best-known ware. Edward Marshall Boehm, the founder, died in 1969, but the firm has continued to design and produce porcelain. It was acquired by Applejack Art Potteries in 2008, had financial problems, and was sold in 2009 to Sharon Lee Parker and a group of investors. Today, the firm makes both limited and unlimited editions of figurines. "

Auction History

Highest bidder is TEE21

Date Bid User
23-Jun-2021 8:43:56 PM $10.00 TEE21
14-Jun-2021 10:49:43 PM $6.00 Saliatu
10-Jun-2021 12:07:09 PM $5.00 Hoozanrn

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