Lot # 2 - 2006 Z4 SI BMW Paddle Shifter Automatic Convertible

Opening Bid : $ 10000.00
Pickup Instructions:
Start Date/Time: 25-Aug-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 08-Sep-2021 7:01:00 PM
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Highest bidder:


Auction has ended

Description :

2006 Z4 SI BMW Paddle Shifter Automatic Convertible. Original owner, 87,000 miles. 

The highest bidder of this car will do the transaction with the owner after the auction is over. Cash or cashier check only. Buyers premium and tax will not be added to your total of this car. Tax will be paid when registering this vehicle with the licensing department. 

If you wish to view the car before auction ends you must reach out by email, info@soundestatecompany.com. Registered bidders only, proof of insurance and drivers license. This car will be shown in a public area upon sellers discretion. Owner will be accompanied by another person at showing. 

Auction History

Highest bidder is KoachT

Date Bid User
08-Sep-2021 5:47:48 PM $16,000.00 KoachT
08-Sep-2021 5:47:48 PM $16,000.00 Jenn
08-Sep-2021 5:23:02 PM $15,600.00 KoachT
08-Sep-2021 5:23:01 PM $15,500.00 Jenn
08-Sep-2021 5:10:02 PM $15,100.00 KoachT
08-Sep-2021 4:12:51 PM $15,000.00 Jenn
08-Sep-2021 4:12:51 PM $14,999.00 KoachT
08-Sep-2021 3:54:49 PM $13,100.00 Jenn
08-Sep-2021 3:53:45 PM $13,000.00 Rossebudd45
08-Sep-2021 3:53:45 PM $13,000.00 Jenn
08-Sep-2021 3:53:07 PM $12,300.00 Rossebudd45
08-Sep-2021 3:53:07 PM $12,200.00 Jenn
06-Sep-2021 6:37:46 PM $12,100.00 Rossebudd45
06-Sep-2021 6:37:46 PM $12,000.00 KoachT
06-Sep-2021 12:46:51 PM $10,000.00 Rossebudd45

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