Opening Bid : $ 5.00
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Start Date/Time: 25-Aug-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 08-Sep-2021 7:10:00 PM
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Vintage 1957 Econolite Steamboats Robert E. Lee Motion Lamp This is a 1957's motion lamp that is truly a classic due to the excellent graphics and six different actions. The historic "Robert E. Lee" is featured on the front and "Natchez" is featured on the rear. It is stamped "Econolite Corporation #764 and it reads in the "Motion Lamp Book" Water flows towards the boats, while fire and smoke billow out of the stacks. Steam emanates from pipes and tiny flags wave in the wind. The historic July 1, 1880 "Robert E. Lee and "Natchez" steamboat race is presented with beauty and detail.  Desirable lamp that is sometimes hard to find. The animation of the tiny flags waving is often imprecise at this age. The color is very brilliant and it is awesome when lit and moving. Small dent on bottom of lamp around metal base. Works! Measures 10 1/2" T x 7" diameter.

Auction History

Highest bidder is BHS24

Date Bid User
08-Sep-2021 6:55:56 PM $46.00 BHS24
05-Sep-2021 6:39:40 PM $36.00 Sullil
05-Sep-2021 6:39:40 PM $35.00 Saliatu
01-Sep-2021 6:02:17 AM $28.00 Sullil
28-Aug-2021 11:42:08 AM $27.00 gz
27-Aug-2021 3:23:32 PM $26.00 mnistrb
27-Aug-2021 3:23:32 PM $25.00 Rossebudd45
26-Aug-2021 11:52:43 AM $21.00 mnistrb
26-Aug-2021 11:52:23 AM $20.00 Cristi
26-Aug-2021 11:52:23 AM $20.00 mnistrb
26-Aug-2021 11:52:02 AM $11.00 Cristi
26-Aug-2021 11:52:02 AM $10.00 mnistrb
26-Aug-2021 11:45:16 AM $6.00 Cristi
26-Aug-2021 11:15:15 AM $5.00 mnistrb

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