Lot # 6 - Original David John Pottery Sculpture Wall Hanging

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick ups are Saturday October 30th from 9-3. Bring help to move heavy items. No alternative days for pick ups. We will not hold items.
Start Date/Time: 20-Oct-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 27-Oct-2021 7:05:00 PM
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Description :

Original John Pottery Sculpture Wall Hanging-Raku

Measures- 9" Tall x 7 Wide 

David’s connection with his grandfather led him to depict the Navajo connection to the world through painting that featured the Yeibichai, embodiments of the Navajo Deities. The Yeibichai are most often seen as dancers, people taking on the persona of the Gods, in healing ceremonies. These nine-day Ceremonies are held after the first frost in the fall and the Yeibichai dance in the evening.But the actual Yeibichai are also believed to exist in spirit form. Many of David John’s paintings reflect that belief.

David also wanted to create something different from the paintings he is so well known for and began to make ceramic Yeibichai masks which he decorates with traditional Navajo and rock art designs.

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Highest bidder is GloRod

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27-Oct-2021 6:07:32 PM $89.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 6:07:24 PM $81.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 6:07:24 PM $80.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 6:07:16 PM $71.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 6:07:16 PM $70.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 3:07:40 PM $61.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 3:07:40 PM $60.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 3:07:05 PM $51.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 3:07:05 PM $50.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 3:06:54 PM $41.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 3:06:54 PM $40.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 3:04:03 PM $31.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 3:04:03 PM $30.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 3:03:53 PM $21.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 3:03:53 PM $20.00 GloRod
27-Oct-2021 3:03:43 PM $11.00 poppygirl
27-Oct-2021 3:03:42 PM $10.00 GloRod
24-Oct-2021 1:15:16 PM $6.00 poppygirl
21-Oct-2021 12:54:08 PM $5.00 Shedabomb

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