Lot # 30 - Authentic Signed Inca Inspired Copper/Stone Peruvian Mask

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick ups are Saturday October 30th from 9-3. Bring help to move heavy items. No alternative days for pick ups. We will not hold items.
Start Date/Time: 20-Oct-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 27-Oct-2021 7:31:00 PM
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Authentic Signed Inca Inspired Copper/Stone Peruvian Mask With Gold Toned Details.  Measures 8 1/2" T x 9 1/2" W.

The art of the Inca civilization of Peru (c. 1425-1532 CE) produced some of the finest works ever crafted in the ancient Americas. Inca art is best seen in highly polished metalwork, ceramics, and, above all, textiles, which was considered the most prestigious of art forms by the Incas themselves. Designs in Inca art often use geometrical shapes, are standardized, and technically accomplished. The European invaders destroyed much of Inca art either for sheer monetary gain or religious reasons but enough examples survive as testimony to the magnificent range and skills of Inca artists.

Auction History

Highest bidder is Shedboy360

Date Bid User
27-Oct-2021 7:28:50 PM $55.00 Shedboy360
27-Oct-2021 7:28:39 PM $54.00 Tony
27-Oct-2021 7:28:39 PM $54.00 Shedboy360
27-Oct-2021 6:42:13 PM $53.00 Tony
27-Oct-2021 6:42:13 PM $52.00 WeebLord
27-Oct-2021 6:42:06 PM $51.00 Tony
27-Oct-2021 6:42:06 PM $50.00 WeebLord
26-Oct-2021 10:05:30 AM $47.00 Tony
24-Oct-2021 2:13:39 PM $45.00 poppygirl
21-Oct-2021 1:01:21 PM $21.00 Tony
21-Oct-2021 1:01:21 PM $20.00 Shedabomb
21-Oct-2021 11:27:58 AM $16.00 Tony
20-Oct-2021 5:06:16 PM $11.00 Agraff
20-Oct-2021 5:06:16 PM $10.00 Messimel
20-Oct-2021 8:16:33 AM $5.00 Agraff

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