Lot # 49 - Crafstman Workbench Stool and Rolling Craftsman Mechanics Seat

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick ups are Saturday October 30th from 9-3. Bring help to move heavy items. No alternative days for pick ups. We will not hold items.
Start Date/Time: 20-Oct-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 27-Oct-2021 7:48:00 PM
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Description :

Two Crafstman Stools. Adjustable Workbench Stool and adjustable Rolling Craftsman Stool

Chrome adjustable workbench stool with black padded seat. Tool bench height. 

Roll around with ease on the Craftsman Adjustable Mechanic's Seat while you get work done. No more having to walk from one end of your shop to the other; simply roll on down on the five 2 1/2 in. caster wheels to grab that tool.This adjustable mechanic's seat adjusts up and down on a pneumatic cylinder to your desired height between 14-1/2 and 19-1/2 in. via a simple hand lever, leaving you more time to comfortably focus on your task at hand. The tool caddy below lets you travel with your tools, cutting down on unecessary scooting time and increasing your productivity in the shop.

Red stool has some ripping on the top. 

Auction History

Highest bidder is Chuckb

Date Bid User
27-Oct-2021 2:30:34 PM $27.00 Chuckb
27-Oct-2021 9:18:15 AM $26.00 Texas
27-Oct-2021 9:17:57 AM $25.00 Chuckb
27-Oct-2021 9:17:57 AM $25.00 Texas
27-Oct-2021 8:41:13 AM $23.00 Chuckb
24-Oct-2021 10:21:52 PM $22.00 Texas
24-Oct-2021 9:03:44 PM $21.00 Leewood
24-Oct-2021 9:03:37 PM $20.00 Texas
24-Oct-2021 9:03:37 PM $20.00 Leewood
22-Oct-2021 6:57:55 AM $19.00 Texas
22-Oct-2021 6:57:33 AM $18.00 Alwayshopping
22-Oct-2021 6:57:33 AM $17.00 Texas
21-Oct-2021 4:17:09 PM $16.00 Alwayshopping
21-Oct-2021 4:17:08 PM $15.00 Leewood
21-Oct-2021 1:05:13 PM $13.00 Alwayshopping
21-Oct-2021 10:16:06 AM $12.00 Leewood
21-Oct-2021 10:15:55 AM $11.00 Rtew
21-Oct-2021 10:15:55 AM $10.00 Leewood
21-Oct-2021 9:15:27 AM $8.00 Rtew
21-Oct-2021 9:15:27 AM $7.00 Texas
21-Oct-2021 9:04:20 AM $6.00 Rtew
21-Oct-2021 3:16:40 AM $5.00 Texas

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