Lot # 18 - Signed Local Hilltop Artists 2002 Hand Blown Glass

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick-ups will be by appointment on Saturday January 22nd from 9-3. Please bring appropriate packing supplies, tools and helpers for moving items.
Start Date/Time: 13-Jan-2022 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 19-Jan-2022 7:17:00 PM
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Description :

Signed Local Hilltop Artists 2002 Hand Blown Glass.  Done locally in Tacoma, WA.  6 1/2" T x 11" W.

Hilltop Artists is dedicated to its mission:

Using glass art to connect young people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to better futures. In 1994, the inaugural group of twenty youth from the Hillltop neighborhood met in the former wood shop at Jason Lee Middle School – now Hilltop Heritage Middle School. They were introduced to a range of sculptural mediums, including woodworking. Back then, glass art involved converting Snapple and soda bottles into blown glass drinkware and vases. In addition to the now world class hot shop at Hilltop Heritage Middle School, Hilltop Artists has grown to include a hot shop at Silas (formerly Wilson) High School. Tacoma Public Schools has partnered with Hilltop Artists since the beginning, highlighting the organization as a positive force in increasing students’ academic and interpersonal success.

Auction History

Highest bidder is Briguy

Date Bid User
19-Jan-2022 6:52:50 PM $37.00 Briguy
13-Jan-2022 4:30:26 PM $35.00 Wiley
13-Jan-2022 2:52:55 PM $31.00 Messimel
13-Jan-2022 1:47:00 PM $21.00 Wiley
13-Jan-2022 1:46:39 PM $20.00 XACAH
13-Jan-2022 1:46:39 PM $20.00 Wiley
13-Jan-2022 10:07:54 AM $16.00 XACAH
13-Jan-2022 10:07:45 AM $15.00 Messimel
13-Jan-2022 10:07:45 AM $15.00 XACAH
13-Jan-2022 10:07:36 AM $11.00 Messimel
13-Jan-2022 10:07:36 AM $10.00 XACAH
13-Jan-2022 10:07:28 AM $7.00 Messimel
13-Jan-2022 10:07:28 AM $6.00 XACAH
13-Jan-2022 7:33:12 AM $5.00 Messimel

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