Lot # 58 - Local Artist Christa R Miraldi Acrylic Painting

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick-ups will be by appointment on Saturday January 22nd from 9-3. Please bring appropriate packing supplies, tools and helpers for moving items.
Start Date/Time: 13-Jan-2022 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 19-Jan-2022 7:59:00 PM
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Description :

Local Artist Christa R Miraldi Acrylic Painting.  Measures 36" square, wood frame with wire. 

We feel honored to offer you some of her art pieces.

About the artist:  Christa R Miraldi (March 27th, 1942-May 20th, 2021) 

Born in Kitzbühel, Austria, Christa R Miraldi found herself surrounded in the beauty of many art forms.  Her family's heritage had encompassed the culinary arts, music, architecture and fine art.  She had an extensive background in food preparation and is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest as a superb chef.  "Good food is an orchestra of flavors", Christa Said, and (with her talents in fine art now applied to canvas) she felt the same about her painting.  "All the elements must interact and complement each other", this is evident in her expression of self.  Though her interests also included gardening, interior design and entertaining, Christ found the hours spent at her ease most rewarding.  "Fine art, is the sherbet between courses of reality"

Auction History

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19-Jan-2022 7:55:16 PM $51.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 7:55:09 PM $50.00 KrakenMeUp
19-Jan-2022 7:55:09 PM $50.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 7:54:50 PM $46.00 KrakenMeUp
19-Jan-2022 7:51:56 PM $43.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 7:51:14 PM $41.00 MineMineMine
19-Jan-2022 7:51:05 PM $37.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 7:51:05 PM $36.00 MineMineMine
19-Jan-2022 7:49:44 PM $34.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 7:47:35 PM $31.00 MineMineMine
19-Jan-2022 5:26:31 PM $26.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 5:26:21 PM $25.00 shelbsv
19-Jan-2022 5:26:21 PM $25.00 TLB
19-Jan-2022 5:24:23 PM $21.00 shelbsv
17-Jan-2022 7:41:05 AM $18.00 TLB
17-Jan-2022 7:40:58 AM $16.00 Alan
17-Jan-2022 7:40:58 AM $15.00 TLB
17-Jan-2022 7:40:49 AM $11.00 Alan
17-Jan-2022 7:40:49 AM $10.00 TLB
16-Jan-2022 10:29:41 AM $6.00 Alan
13-Jan-2022 8:36:16 PM $5.00 TLB

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