Lot # 4 - Antique Victor Victrola Talking Machine Phonograph

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pickup Instructions: June 26th and 28th from 10-2:00 at the estate in Des Moines. 
Start Date/Time: 18-Jun-2020 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 24-Jun-2020 6:03:00 PM
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Description :

This Victrola is an excellent example of the record-players available to the American public in the 1920s. It is is perfect condition besides a few very minor scratches. It plays beautifully! Visit our Facebook page to hear it play! This amazing piece comes with the brass needle holder and spare needles. The doors and hinges all work perfectly and the turntable felt is in wonderful condition. This is truly a rare find! Comes with records for you to enjoy. Don't miss bidding on this pristine piece of history! 

Some really amazing record sets, too many to show. 

Auction History

Highest bidder is SugarLump

Date Bid User
20-Jun-2020 9:50:18 AM $155.00 SugarLump
20-Jun-2020 9:50:18 AM $150.00 Yrsm206
19-Jun-2020 12:18:04 PM $101.00 SugarLump
19-Jun-2020 12:18:04 PM $100.00 Moreplentyn
19-Jun-2020 10:14:45 AM $46.00 SugarLump
19-Jun-2020 6:01:32 AM $22.00 Jewelfrex
18-Jun-2020 9:03:54 PM $16.00 Trinity
18-Jun-2020 9:03:39 PM $15.00 Seeker
18-Jun-2020 9:03:39 PM $15.00 Trinity
18-Jun-2020 9:03:29 PM $11.00 Seeker
18-Jun-2020 9:03:29 PM $10.00 Trinity
18-Jun-2020 9:03:17 PM $8.00 Seeker
18-Jun-2020 9:03:17 PM $7.00 Trinity
18-Jun-2020 5:34:48 PM $6.00 Seeker
18-Jun-2020 1:22:35 PM $5.00 ForJohnBecker

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