Lot # 21 - Antique Table with Needlepoint

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pickup Instructions: June 26th and 28th from 10-2:00 at the estate in Des Moines. 
Start Date/Time: 18-Jun-2020 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 24-Jun-2020 6:22:00 PM
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Description :

This lovely solid wood piece has stories to tell. We just don't know what they are. Changes have been made...a top piece of wood was added and the cut-out front now hosts a stunning azure blue floral needlepoint square that has been carefully fit in place.

What a clever little table to greet guests at an entryway or tucked alongside a wingback chair (available in the next auction from this client). So many places to use it.

30" tall, 21" wide, 14" deep

Auction History

Highest bidder is Flyguy2

Date Bid User
24-Jun-2020 6:19:21 PM $16.00 Flyguy2
24-Jun-2020 6:17:58 PM $15.00 Laurness
24-Jun-2020 6:17:58 PM $15.00 Flyguy2
24-Jun-2020 6:17:50 PM $14.00 Laurness
24-Jun-2020 6:17:50 PM $13.00 Flyguy2
24-Jun-2020 3:39:20 PM $12.00 Laurness
23-Jun-2020 10:11:52 PM $11.00 Flyguy2
23-Jun-2020 1:08:55 PM $10.00 Betty J’s
22-Jun-2020 12:56:21 PM $9.00 Raggs
21-Jun-2020 10:05:07 PM $6.00 winewriter
19-Jun-2020 5:52:59 AM $5.00 Raggs

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