Lot # 43 - Vintage Hand Painted Silhouette Pictures on Rounded Glass

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pickup Instructions: June 26th and 28th from 10-2:00 at the estate in Des Moines. 
Start Date/Time: 18-Jun-2020 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 24-Jun-2020 6:42:00 PM
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Description :

Let's do go back in time! 

Remember the scene in Pride and Prejudice where one of the daughter's traced her beau's silhouette by candle light? Here we have two silhouette pieces for your consideration.

The one is rectangular in shaped with a girl serving her beau tea with an English thatched roof house in the back ground. It measures 8 1/4" by 6 3/4". The frame is metal with typical cardboard back.

The next is round and marked to be hand-painted by the celebrated Edna Lewis Studios from Baltimore, Maryland. it is signed and has a stamp of G1. The picture is that of a woman crocheting or knitting, as she sits in a chair - the skirt of her dress flowing 'round her and a cat playing with the yarn, such delicate and intricate work! It measures 6" in diameter.

The next is a lovely serene print of stream meandering under a stone bridge and into a small village. In the foreground is what appears to be a flowering dogwood or cherry blossom tree. It measures 5" in diameter.

Auction History

Highest bidder is Belle3

Date Bid User
22-Jun-2020 1:15:45 PM $41.00 Belle3
22-Jun-2020 1:15:45 PM $40.00 SugarLump
22-Jun-2020 12:00:13 PM $13.00 Belle3
21-Jun-2020 4:29:04 PM $12.00 Me lou
21-Jun-2020 4:29:04 PM $11.00 SugarLump
19-Jun-2020 5:00:45 PM $6.00 Me lou
18-Jun-2020 6:58:47 PM $5.00 Shew902

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