Lot # 49 - Solid Oak Bookcase and Contents

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick up day is 3 June 2023. Time is 10:00 to 3:30. Tools and moving equipment are not available if items need dismantled. Staff is not available to load and lift heavy, large items. Appointment times are managed through sign-up genius. The link is on your invoice. Payment of your invoice is provided via a link on your invoice. Wi-Fi is not reliable on-site. 3 June is the Final day of pick-up. Call Heidi at (253) 381-8717, for Friday arrangements.
Start Date/Time: 25-May-2023 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 31-May-2023 7:52:00 PM
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Highest bidder:


Auction has ended

Description :

Dimensions are 12 inches wide, 36 inches long, 72 inches tall.

Vintage GE alarm clock radios. West clocks travel alarm, Severn model Seth Thomas clock. Variety of technology gadgets, and office supplies. Stationary, LG computer monitor, new Ford Thunderbird car model. New mouse, computer speakers. some items new. Picture printer with photo paper.  Compact shredder powered up. Red decorative bin

Auction History

Highest bidder is Sadiesue

Date Bid User
31-May-2023 7:48:08 PM $21.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:48:07 PM $20.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:47:58 PM $19.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:47:58 PM $18.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:45:22 PM $16.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:45:22 PM $15.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:45:14 PM $14.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:45:14 PM $13.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:45:06 PM $12.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:45:06 PM $11.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:45:00 PM $10.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:44:59 PM $9.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:44:43 PM $8.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:44:43 PM $7.00 Wowzer
31-May-2023 7:44:24 PM $6.00 Sadiesue
31-May-2023 7:36:48 PM $5.00 Wowzer

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