Lot # 12 - Macey Lawyer Bookshelf Base Glass Retractable Front

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick ups for this auction will be Saturday the 17th from 10-5 in West Seattle. A sign up and address for pick up will be on your winning email.
Start Date/Time: 08-Oct-2020 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 14-Oct-2020 7:11:00 PM
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Auction has ended

Description :

Made by Macey Company, also known as Wernicke Furniture Co, around 1926. The glass is fully intact and rolls up with ease. This is meant to be the bottom of the stacking case and has a base to support a full shelf. Some small cracks on the sides but in remarkably good condition!

34" W x 12" D x 22" T

Auction History

Highest bidder is Belle3

Date Bid User
13-Oct-2020 5:10:33 PM $76.00 Belle3
09-Oct-2020 7:21:48 PM $52.00 Nannyandnell
08-Oct-2020 4:02:48 PM $51.00 Boaboy
08-Oct-2020 4:02:38 PM $42.00 Nannyandnell
08-Oct-2020 4:02:38 PM $41.00 Boaboy
08-Oct-2020 9:21:20 AM $32.00 Nannyandnell
08-Oct-2020 9:04:55 AM $21.00 Boaboy
08-Oct-2020 8:59:04 AM $20.00 kd2616
08-Oct-2020 8:59:04 AM $20.00 snail
08-Oct-2020 8:51:59 AM $16.00 kd2616
08-Oct-2020 8:23:00 AM $5.00 Boaboy

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