Lot # 23 - Odds and Ends From Foreign Lands

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
Pickup Instructions: Pick ups will be appointment only on Saturday March 6th 9-3 in Tacoma, WA.
Start Date/Time: 26-Feb-2021 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 04-Mar-2021 7:22:00 PM
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Description :

This Lot is a wonderful reflection of the world travels of its owner.  Who ever knew that the Chinese made pillows from lacquered leather? Amazing!  In addition, there is a silk brocade cushion and three wonderful fans of different colors.  The fans would be beautiful display pieces or could even be used as we daydream of a warm summer day.  There is a small box of sticks that is actually kindling for fire starting.  The collection is rounded out with an awesome metal bowl from Nepal.

Auction History

Highest bidder is Treenam

Date Bid User
04-Mar-2021 11:00:06 AM $16.00 Treenam
04-Mar-2021 10:59:54 AM $14.00 Her Partner
04-Mar-2021 10:59:54 AM $13.00 Treenam
04-Mar-2021 10:59:32 AM $12.00 Her Partner
04-Mar-2021 10:59:32 AM $11.00 Treenam
04-Mar-2021 10:59:21 AM $10.00 Her Partner
04-Mar-2021 10:59:21 AM $9.00 Treenam
04-Mar-2021 10:59:12 AM $8.00 Her Partner
04-Mar-2021 10:59:12 AM $7.00 Treenam
28-Feb-2021 2:49:45 PM $6.00 Her Partner
26-Feb-2021 11:20:09 AM $5.00 JG

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