Musician, Music Production, & MCM Enthusiasts Seattle Online Estate Sale


This estate comes from a talented and versatile artist. They were a professional singer-songwriter with a distinct retro jazz-rock style, showcasing their skills not only as a vocalist but also as a multi-instrumentalist. What set this artist apart was their use of analog and electronic tubes to produce a retro sound quality. This combination of vintage and modern technology likely contributed to the distinctive characteristics of their music, adding warmth and depth to their compositions. This artist's dedication to maintaining a mid-century vibe in their estate, including their music equipment, gear, and overall ambiance, speaks to their commitment to their artistic vision and aesthetic.

A small sample of what you will find:

Amps: Roland Amps. Schertler Jam 400 Guitar Amp. Zinky & Junk Amps. Behringer Ultrabass Amplifier Head. Victoria Regal II 1x15 Handwired Combo Amp

Speakers: Martin Logan SL3 Electrostatic ESL Hybrid Sound Speakers. JBL Control Monitor Speakers.  Monitor Audio GSFX Gold Signature Surround Speakers. 1970’s Pignose 7100 Portable Guitar Amp. Tone Tubby, Celestion, Bugera. MojoTone Speakers. 

Equipment: AKG Condenser Microphones C1000S & C3000. Carvin RX1200L 12 Channel 1600w Mic Mixer. Mackie 24.8 Analog 24 Channel 8-Bus Mixing Console. Mackie 24-8 Analog Mixer Console. Alesis ADAT BRC Master Remote Controller, ProCo Patch Bays.

Guitars/Basses: Johnson National Biscuit Resonator Elec. Acoustic Guitar. Laguna Ocean TB75 5 String Electric Bass Guitar. Toledo 12 String Sunburst Hollowbody Electric Guitar. Classic Guitar by Lucero. D'Angelico Bowery Acoustic Guitar with Hard Case. KTone Double Neck Electric/Acoustic Guitar. Fender Dobro Cutaway Resonator Guitar

Pedals: API TranZformer GTR EQ/Boost Pedal - Strip Pedal. Vintage Ibanez UE305 Multi Effect Unit. Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tuner Screamer OD Pedal. Boss Synth, Delay & Volume - Fender Tuner

Mid Century Modern:  Percival Lafer Brazilian Leather Lounge Chair. Garrard SL 65 Vintage Turntable. MCM Georges Briard Glass Barware Fruit Gold. Kinney Carousel & Antique Auto Glasses. MCM Walnut Hutch by Keller Furniture.  Andre Bus Lane 'Acclaim' 2 Tier Lamp Tables. Quartet of Chauvet Color Bank Stage Lights

***Please note due to the nature and complexity of the musical equipment we were unable to fully test each item. We are confident everything works unless noted otherwise. We have not assessed condition of items (e.g.: vinyl records) due to the large quantity in this auction.  Terms are that all items are sold "as is".***

10% Buyers premium are added to your auction total. Tax is waived if you have an active reseller permit on file. 




Address is provided the morning of pick ups electronically on your invoice. 

Start Date/Time: 2023-08-31 07:00:00

End Date/Time: 2023-09-07 19:00:00

PickUp Date/Time: Pickups: Friday September 8, Saturday September 9, Sunday September 10. Bring moving aids or your own bins/boxes and packing materials for small, breakable items and coverings or moving blankets for furniture. Stairs will be involved with any item with porch steps or staircases for recording equipment and most speaker cabinets located in basement with no direct access to ground level.